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Discover our products packaged for direct sale in various containers: jars, cans, bottles and Tetra Paks®.


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Range of packaged products La Maison du coco by Kristina Ratobilska


Culinary aids

Enhance your dishes with our organic and fairtrade cooking aids.

Coconut water La Maison du coco product by Samurai Oasis



Refresh yourself with our organic and fairtrade coconut drinks.

cosmetics range La Maison du coco



Discover our raw virgin coconut oil! Soon a must in your bathroom.

All of our products are made from fresh organic coconuts, harvested in the Philippines from sustainable and fairtrade agriculture.

Lucie Debrot
Import Manager
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Are you looking for ingredients, organic raw materials for your bulk store or to transform them?

La Maison du coco offers a range of organic and fair trade products in bulk and in ingredient format for unpackaged stores, caterers, restaurateurs, processors, pastry chefs,
ice cream parlors, soap makers, etc.

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